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ENS Group offers an extensive selection of technical courses designed to meet the needs of IT professionals, developers, database administrators, and help desk staff. In addition, we offer desktop application courses in popular business productivity software for information workers.

Why Choose Symplexity for Your Technology Training?

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Providing technology training for employees increases their effectiveness in their job, improves morale, and ultimately leads to greater success of the organization overall. As a matter of fact, your training investment can have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. But with so many options available for technology training today, how do you decide what the best training choice is for your team?

Symplexity has been Northeast Indiana’s premiere technology training provider since 2003. Our extensive list of technical and end-user training courses rivals those of larger metropolitan areas, but without the additional travel time and costs. We offer a variety of delivery methods to meet your needs, including an open enrollment schedule, custom/private classes at our facility or yours, one-on-one sessions, new features demonstrations, and even “roaming” instructors that can work with users on a group or individual basis to address specific questions and tasks.

Our focus has always been on long-term relationships as we work with our clients to provide innovative, creative solutions to help solve business challenges. We employ a flexible scheduling approach that allows us to deliver “just-in-time” training to meet our client’s ever-changing needs. And while some training centers offer only “fast food” or “drive-thru” training, we specialize in training tailored to fit your unique business needs.

Our certified instructors possess the right blend of communication skills, technical proficiency, and business experience to train employees of any experience level. In fact, each of our instructors averages ten or more years of consulting and training experience, and consistently rank among the highest in the country on participant evaluations. 

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Technical Learning Center

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Our Technical Learning Center provides training for IT Professionals, developers, database administrators, and help desk staff in the most current technologies used in today’s business environment, including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, EC-Council Security, Citrix, CompTIA, and more. If you are preparing for a professional certification, ready to take a certification test, or just looking for in-depth technical training in the latest technologies, Symplexity’s Technical Learning Center is your local solution.

Application Solutions Center

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Symplexity’s Application Solutions Center is designed for desktop training and support for information workers (end users) in all of the most popular business applications used today, including Microsoft Office, Project, SharePoint, Crystal Reports, Adobe Creative Suite, and more.

Contact us today to learn how to help your team keep pace with today’s technologies and applications and give your productivity a boost, with training solutions available right in your own backyard.

Our basic-level core Microsoft classes are now Free. And you’ll get way more than just the basics, with plenty of shortcuts and tips to help you become more productive.

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